.Here are the events of Tarn's history according to the records of Old Terethia. it begins with the Eldrinic Age, when the Fae came into being, and were taught language and writing by the Eldrin.  

Eldrinic Age

Faedawn Era

0001The Fae are created by the Green Warden

Terethian Era

0001Old Terethia is established.

Godstrife Era

0001Ereus challenges the Green Warden. Warfare between the Eldrin and the Avalar erupts. 

0760The Worldrending occurs. The Vorgar Lords declare war on the Avalar and the Eldrin.

0821—The temple of Mal'Gazar is erected in Taurech

0904The Avalar and the Eldrin make peace to fight against the Vorgar Lords. Cirion weds Lysova.

0905Celedor and Celedwen are born. 

0928—The Battle of Mal'Gazar occurs. Maligor is slain by Ereus. The Vorgar Lords are bound in the Lightless Halls. The Green Warden goes into hiding. Ereus becomes King of the Divines

Avalarian Age

Archaic Era

0092Ereus initiates the creation of humans. The races of dwarves is created by Grǒm

2114Arcania is founded.

2585Moonspire is constructed.

3140The Fae Wars begin.

3216The Vanishing occurs.

3261The Vuldarian Empire is established