Eight Playable Champions*

Each player chooses a champion to represent them as they venture through the Dragonvault. Every champion has a unique special ability.

*Dragonvault: Evernight Vale includes eight additional champions.

Fast-Paced & Addictive Gameplay

Dragonvault can be learned in under five minutes, making it a great choice for parties and get-togethers! Games last about thirty minutes.

Compatible Card Size

Each card is 2.5" x 3.5" trading card size, so they will fit perfectly in your own standard card sleeves or binders.

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Want to learn more?

Read over our rules here. Also, be sure and check out our card list.

Meet our Champions

Astrid is a valiant shieldmaiden from Nordreach. She serves Torvir, the god of storms, and is rumored to have felled a frost ettin in single combat.

Avadel is a wild elf ranger from Wardendale, a forest realm so remote, that it has never been settled by humans. Her family was slain by goblins when she was a child, but she has learned to fend for herself in the wilderness.

Bori is a huntsman from the dwarven kingdom of Durgrimbor, in northern Vaeheim. He collects the trophies of many beasts and creatures, including dragons.

Celaine is a mage prodigy from a noble family of renowned spellcasters. She is proficient in healing magic, having been instructed at the prestigious Silverspire college in Arcaneum.

Kalipso is a warrior princess from the Delvarian Isles off the coast of southern Vaeheim. Her people once ruled half of the continent, and she longs to restore her people to their former glory.

Matthias was once a twilight elf from Terethia, an ancient kingdom which has long since fell into ruin. But now he is a vampire, cursed with an insatiable thirst for the blood of living things.

Morgana is a powerful sorceress, whose parentage is unknown. She is adept at the forbidden art of necromancy, the re-animation of the dead.

Priscilla is a half-elf ranger. Her mother was a wild elf from Elleriad, and her father was a human from Vuldaria. She is famed for her skill with a bow.

Radin is one of the Bannerless Men, who left Sumner and settled in eastern Vaeheim but swore no allegiance to the Grey Dominion. He is a skilled fighter, having spent many years as a sellsword.

Tom is a halfling nobleman, from the northern realm of Folkhaven. Like many of his folk, he is a connoisseur of fine foods, but he is also an avid collector of artifacts.

Ulric is a holy knight from the southern kingdom of Illhad. He fought valiantly for the Grey Domion for many years, before swearing an oath to rid the lands of dark magic and its practitioners.

Velga is a half-orc barbarian. Her father was an orc from Karnak, and her mother was a human from Falden. She has deep connections to the criminal underground in Daggerspell.

Vorix is the elder shaman of a dwindling tribe of Aronti. His people dwell in a dark swamp, far from the borders of civilization. After a prophetic dream, Vorix journeyed to the realms of men to gain knowledge.

Wulfgar is a seafaring raider from Geldar, a land in eastern Norwyn. He and his warriors have long been plundering the coastlines of the Black Sea, amassing glory and riches for themselves.

Yari is a brigand from the snowy forests of northern Geldar. There, he has waylaid countless travelers and relinquished them of their coin. Consequently, he has become notorious all over Norwyn.

Zora is an alchemist from Suncrest, a realm in southern Vaeheim. She made a long voyage to Norwyn to gather rare materials for use in her unusual experiments.