Eight Playable Champions

Each player chooses a champion to represent them as they venture through the Dragonvault. Every champion has a unique special ability.

Fast-Paced & Addictive Gameplay

Dragonvault can be learned in under five minutes, making it a great choice for parties and get-togethers! Games last about thirty minutes.

Compatible Card Size

Each card is 2.5" x 3.5" trading card size, so they will fit perfectly in your own standard card sleeves or binders.

For a limited time, each pre-ordered copy of Dragonvault will be SIGNED!

Each pre-ordered copy of Dragonvault will be signed by the creator of the game, Frederick Blauer.

Want to learn more?

Read over our rules here. Also, be sure and check out our rules FAQ page. If you'd like to learn more about the lore of Dragonvault, you can read about it here.

Meet our Champions

Avadel is a wild elf from Wardendale, a forest realm so remote, it has never been explored by humans.

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Ulric is a holy knight, who has sworn to rid the continent of dark magic, and its practitioners.

Morgana is a powerful sorceress, adept in the forbidden art of necromancy, the re-animation of the dead.

Celaine is a mage prodigy. She is proficient in restorative magic, as well as the manipulation of arcane energy.

Radin is a formidable fighter from the eastern steppes. He is both a skilled horseman, and a cunning strategist.

Vorix is the elder shaman of a dwindling tribe of lizardfolk, called the Aronti. He communes often with the spirits of his ancestors.

Tom is a halfling nobleman. He is connoisuer of fine foods, and an avid collector of artifacts.

Kalipso is a warrior princess. Her people once ruled half of the continent.

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Victor is a skeleton guard, resurrected by dark magic to serve Morgana for all time.