Avadel Champion Portrait


Avadel is one of the Telvaeor wild elves, as they are called by humans. They dwell in remote forests across the continent of Vaedar, and are famed for their keen senses, nimble reflexes, and fiery tempers. Wild elves stand at the shoulder of most humans. They have lithe frames, fair skin, and pointed ears which are typically longer than those of other elven races.

The magic of the Telvae comes from nature, and is used to protect the forest and the creatures in it. Though they revel in the hunt, they never take more than what is needed for survival. Killing for sport is punishable by exile. The wild elves have learned to speak in the tongues of birds and beasts, and often form deep companionships with animals. The wild elves also have good relations with other Fae, such as the Dryads and the Faeries, who often share their sylvan homes.   

Like many among her kind, Avadel has blazing red hair. Her bright green eyes can can spot even the most well-camouflaged quarry in dense undergrowth, and her long, pointed ears can hear the gentle sound of a trickling stream a furlong away. Avadel wields her twin daggers, Melcos and Vyldana, with marvelous skill. She fashioned her attire out of leather and leaves of Itharia tough, rigid plant which is native to her homeland. 

Avadel was born in a small village in Wardenvale, a woodland realm in the western reaches of the continent of Vaedar. This land has been the domain of the Fae since Green Warden first brought them into the world. It is said that somewhere beneath these ancient trees, the Warden still slumbers. But only the Telvae know of his resting place, and they guard this secret fiercely. 

When Avadel was scarcely half-grown, her village was raided by goblins. These creatures had encroached upon Fae lands from their home in the Burning Mountains to the west. For many generations, the goblins were confined to their mountain halls, but as the years passed, and their numbers grew, the Trollfolk began to push further east. They now control a large portion of western Wardenvale, which has been thoroughly stripped of its resources. It is a charred, lifeless wasteland, hence its new name, the Burnt Lands. The magical trees of Wardenvale, which could grow to heights two or three times that of trees elsewhere in Vaedar, were used as fuel for great warmachines. With these mechanical terrors, the goblins waged war on the elves.    

Avadel's family was slain in the attack, and she narrowly escaped with her life, fleeing into the wilderness. She was pursued by two goblin warriors, who chased her to a narrow ford. It was there, by chance, that Avadel met Kelva, who was drinking from the waters. Kelva was a young greatwolf. And although at the time of their meeting, he resembled a wolf of ordinary size, he would soon grow to be as large as a bear. The goblins brandished their axes, but in a great bound, Kelva leapt between them and the young elf. In the blink of an eye, the goblins lay dead along the banks, and Kelva's fangs were stained with blood. 

From that day, Kelva and Avadel formed a lifelong friendship. In those early years, Kelva protected Avadel from the dangers of the wild, until she was strong enough to fend for herself. But even now, as Avadel nears her 64th winter—a fully-grown elf in all respects—Kelva remains at her side. His fur, once the color of the earth, is now flecked with gray. 

Avadel has taken no mate, and mothered no children. Seldom does she hunt in the company of other elves, but prefers to traverse the forest, with none but her greatwolf at her side. She ruthlessly hunts goblins, wherever she can find them, and has never forgotten the cruelty with which her family met their end. Even among elves, Avadel's senses are keen, and luck seems always to favor her, as it did on that fateful day, when she escaped death at the hands of her green-skinned foes. She has became infamous among goblins, so that they have begun to tell tales of the Kaztrul-sar, which means "goblin-slayer" in their tongue.

Despite her skill in battle, Avadel could do little to stem the tide of the encroaching Trollfolk. Her people have few children, and it takes half a century for an elf to reach adulthood. But goblins have many heirs, and they mature in a third of the time. Their superior numbers, combined with the might of their fearsome warmachinesspells certain doom for the elves.  

Avadel traveled to Mal'Gazar only by chance. She had been tracking a company of goblins, but then something peculiar happened. This raiding party converged with a warband of Orcs, who had come from the east. Orcs were Trollfolk, like the Goblins, but were taller, and more fearsome, though less clever with mechanical inventions. It is rare for Orcs and Goblins to have peaceable dealings with one another, but as Avadel spied on their meeting, she learned that both parties were to travel eastward, out of Wardenvale, to a great temple of black stone. 

As the warbands broke camp, Avadel followed them. For many weeks, she pursued them, and out of the land of Wardenvale, and then southeast to the Forbidden Land. Taurech, as it was called in days of old, was where the Vorgar Lords had ruled mercilessly. And there, wreathed in ominous clouds,  standing like a great black fang against the sky, Avadel beheld Mal'Gazar... the Dragonvault.

Avadel Dragonvault Card

Avadel has 8 toughness. Any time you roll a d6, during an encounter for example, Avadel gets +1 to her roll. Keep in mind that any total above a 6 automatically becomes a 6. Even with the bonus.