Avadel Champion Portrait


Avadel is one of the Telvae, or Wild Elves, as they are known by humans. She was born in Wardendale, a forest realm in the western reaches of the continent of Vaedar, which had been the domain of the elves since the Primordial Era. It was said that here, in these ancient forests, the Green Warden still slumbered, since the end of the Godstrife Era, when the Vorgar Lords were driven from this world.

When Avadel was a child, her village was raided by goblins from the Burning Mountains. Her family was slain, and she narrowly escaped with her life, fleeing into the wilderness. It was there, by chance, that she met Kelva.

Kelva was a young greatwolf. And although at the time of their meeting, Kelva resembled a wolf of ordinary size, he would soon grow to be as large as a bear. Kelva and Avadel formed a lifelong friendship, and in those early years, Kelva protected Avadel from the dangers of the wild, until she was strong enough to fend for herself. But even when Avadel was fully grown, and a fearsome fighter, Kelva stayed at her side, and the two of them hunted goblins together.

Avadel soon became infamous among goblins as a scourge to their kind, for she was particularly skilled with her twin daggers. Even among the company of elves, Avadel had keen eyes, and an acute sense of hearing. And luck seemed always to favor her, just as it did on that fateful day, when she escaped death at the hands of the raiders.

Avadel traveled to Mal'Gazar only by chance. She had been tracking a company of goblins, through Wardendale, but peculiarly, instead of heading west toward the Burnt Lands, these goblins went east, and then south. This piqued Avadel's curiosity, and she followed them, all the way to the accursed land of Taurech, where in days of old, the Vorgar spirits had ruled mercilessly. And there, wreathed in ominous clouds, and standing like a great black fang against the sky, Avadel beheld Mal'Gazar... the Dragonvault.

Avadel Dragonvault Card

Avadel has 8 toughness. Any time you roll a d6, during an encounter for example, Avadel gets +1 to her roll. Keep in mind that any total above a 6 automatically becomes a 6. Even with the bonus.