Vorix Portrait

Vorix is one of the Aronti, a sentient, lizardlike race native to the dark swamps of Pharador. Bordering Wardendale to the south, Pharador is a dangerous land populated by savage creatures, many of which have walked the earth unchanged since the Primordial Era. Humans have never settled in this inhospitable environment, so most people in the outside world are scarcely aware of the existence of the Aronti.

The Elderscale tribe, to which Vorix belongs, were numerous upon a time, but they have nearly gone extinct in recent years. Decades of bloody strife with a neighboring tribe have taken a heavy toll on their numbers.

The trouble began when the Bloodtongue tribe, a bitter rival of the Elderscale, forged an unprecedented alliance with a tribe of Droka, called the Blackwart. The Droka are a race of toadlike creatures, about five kels in height, with slimy, wart-covered skin and large pale eyes. Standing at the waist of a fully-grown Aronti, the Droka scarcely posed a threat with arms such as spears or warclubs. But some among their kind, such as the Blackwart, wielded terrifying black magic. Their sorcery could instill madness in the mind of a foe, turning them against their comrades. And they could strike an enemy with blindness, or restrain them with unseen bonds. Some who had mastered these dark arts could even raise the dead. 

Most Aronti tribes had a shamanistic culture, centered around ancestor worship, meditation and natural healing. The Elderscale were no exception, and dark spells, such as those used by the Blackwart, were wholly alien to them. Although the warriors of the Elderscale were famed across Pharador for their skill in war, the combined number of both the Bloodtongue and the Blackwart proved to be insurmountable.

The Realm of Pharador

Vorix is the elder shaman of his tribe. He is 171 years of age, although by Aronti reckoning, he has hardly reached the autumn of his life. In Aronti culture, the elder shaman — aside from the usual duties of mending wounds in both body and mind — acts as an advisor to the chieftain in all things, including matters of war. He is a mediator, resolving disputes among members of the tribe, and a diplomat, speaking for the chieftain in matters of negotiation. Vorix had faithfully served his people for many long years. On countless occasions, his wisdom and gift for words prevented needless bloodshed. But regrettably, all attempts at establishing peace between the Elderscale and the Bloodtongue had proved unsuccessful.

One night, as Vorix consumed the ceremonial Riku Root, he descended into a dreamlike state which lasted three days and three nights. During this time, he had a vision that he walked among his ancestors. They spoke to him of a temple, with spires of black stone, and of a powerful artifact hidden within. It was made of pure gold, and shaped like a dragon, standing upon two legs, with rubies for eyes which shone brightly as if a spirit dwelt within them. This relic was said to possess incalculable magical power, for it was crafted by the Fae in service to the Vorgar Lord, Draegorthe Father of Dragonsduring the Godstrife Era.

Vorix returned to the waking world, and went at once to the tent of his chieftain, Mauhin. The elder shaman explained that he believed this relic to be the key to defeating the Bloodtongue and the Blackwart, and that it was imperative that he travel to the temple he beheld in his vision to recover it. He insisted that he travel alone, with only the spirits of his ancestors to guide him. Mauhin reluctantly agreed, and Vorix left his son, Morogi, to take up the mantle of elder shaman in his stead. Morogi was nearing his 87th year under the sun, and though he was still in the prime of his youth, he had learned much from his father. A brief ceremony was held to bless Vorix on his quest, and then he set off toward Mal'Gazar, known in the tongues of men as The Dragonvault...

Vorix Card

Vorix will automatically heal 1 point of damage at the start of each turn. He does, however, receive less healing than usual from Food cards. Vorix has 7 toughness.