Vorix Portrait

Vorix is a member of the Aronti, a dwindling tribe of lizardfolk native to the dark swamps of Pharador. Bordering Wardendale to the south, Pharador is a dangerous land populated by savage creatures. No humans have ever settled in these inhospitable lands, so the outside world is scarcely aware of the Aronti, or the other Scalefolk, as they are sometimes called.

Upon a time, the Aronti were numerous, but in recent years, they are nearly extinct. Several decades of bloody strife with neighboring tribes have taken a toll on their numbers. The trouble began when the Croknaw, a rival lizardfolk tribe, allied with the Droka, a clan of toadmen. Such an alliance had never before been made between the two races in Pharador. The Droka, though small in stature, were infamous for their skill with black magic and voodoo, and they taught the Croknaw much of what they knew of the dark arts. The Aronti had a shamanistic religion, which revolved around ancestor worship, meditation and natural healing. But the Croknaw and the Droka were too numerous, and their magic proved to be devastating, so that even the Aronti, with their regenerative magic, were losing the fight.

Vorix is the elder shaman of the tribe. He was born on the He is 214 years of age, though by Aronti reckoning, he has scarcely reached the autumn of his life. Still, few Aronti survive into this age in these days, since their lands have been engulfed by war.

One night, as Vorix meditated, he had a vision that his ancestors appeared to him, and showed him a vision of an ancient relic which lay hidden in the chambers of the Dragonvault. It was shaped like a golden dragon, standing upon two legs like a man, with enchanted rubies for eyes. Vorix interpreted this vision as a sign that he must journey east to Mal'Gazar, and recover the relic. He hoped that its mysterious powers could aid him in his fight against the enemy tribes. Although his tribe objected at first, they eventually send him off with their blessing. Vorix left his son, Morogai, in charge of the tribe in his absence, and then set off on his quest.