Rules FAQ

How do we decide which champion to use?

There are two ways to decide champions. The quickest way is to deal them randomly. A great way to do this is to place all eight champions face down on the table, shuffle them around, and have each player pick one. If you would rather have players pick their own champions, you could roll a d6, to determine who gets first pick, then second, and so forth. Or, if you prefer, you could have each player bring their own champion, from their own Dragonvault collection. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It all depends on what the group prefers!

Is there a limit to the amount of cards I can play during my turn?

Nope! You can play as many action cards as you wish. And you can play as many mercenary cards as you wish, just keep in mind, you must pay the appropriate amount of treasure to play mercenaries. Also, keep in mind that you must play your cards before you draw from the adventure deck.

What does "at the start of your turn" mean?

If an ability says "at the start of your turn," such as Celaine's ability, you must activate this before you play any other cards. Abilities that say "at the start of your turn" can only be activated once, and you can only activate one of these kinds of abilities per turn.

Can I play Dragonvault with teams?

Yes! If you choose to play a team game, Dragonvault plays exactly the same, but at the end, when everybody reveals their cards, pool your treasure cards together with your surviving teammates for the final total. The team with the most total treasure wins! Also, keep in mind that many of the cards, such as Food, say things like "heal 3 damage from a champion." This is because you can choose to heal another champion on the table, instead of your own, if you wish. Also, Goblin Bombers for example, states that the damage goes to "enemy champions," meaning any champions on the table that are controlled by opposing players.

Does Vorix's healing ability happen automatically?

Yes it does. Vorix's ability is a passive ability, unlike Celaine's healing ability which requires the player to choose to attempt it. Vorix can only heal himself with this ability, and it happens automatically at the start of your turn.

Does excess damage to Victor get assigned to Morgana?

No. If Victor already has 3 damage on him already, for example, and he takes another 3 damage, Morgana does not take the remaining 2. The damage does not overflow. Victor simply dies, and is discarded. For this reason, Victor can be "fed" to dragons, and will absorb all of the damage dealt by the dragon.

Can I heal beyond my champion's toughness?

No. Your champion is capped at their toughness score. So, for example, if your Tom has 3 damage, and you use a Food card to heal 4 damage from him, it only heals him to his toughness, which is 7. Thus, only 3 damage was actually healed.

Can I play a card that I just drew from the adventure deck?

No, you cannot. Since you must play cards before you draw from the adventure deck, you will have to wait until your next turn to play a card you drew. The only exception is Response cards, since they can be activated during someone else's turn.

What if I only have a Relic card in my hand, and I need to pay 2 treasure?

If you need to pay treasure, to bribe a dragon for example, you must pay an amount of treasure which is equal to or greater than the required amount. You cannot break a Relic into 3 treasure cards, for example. If you were in this situation, you would need to choose whether you wanted to give up your Relic card, to pay for the 2 treasure, or keep it in your hand, and pay nothing at all.

Can I play my own Spirit of Retribution against an opponent who just played a Spirit of Retribution against me?

Yes! Let's say that you used a mercenary to attack another champion for 3 damage, and they played Spirit of Retribution, dealing 3 damage to your champion in return. Since that player technically just caused your champion to take damage, you could then play a Spirit of your Retribution of your own, against them, dealing another 3 damage to their champion. That would be a total of 6 damage!

What is the side deck?

The side deck is anything which is not in play, such as extra Food and Gold Coins cards, and any unused champions. An extra Gluttonous Ogre is included with each copy of Dragonvault, and it is recommended to keep it in the side deck, unless you are playing with more than four players. If you are playing with a large group, shuffle this extra Gluttonous Ogre into the adventure deck. 

Where does the Djinn's treasure come from?

If you draw the Djinn and choose to add two Gold Coins into your hand, these will come out of the side deck, and not the adventure deck.

Can I play more than one copy of a response card at once?

Yes you can. For example, if you take damage, and you have two copies of Spirit of Retribution in your hand, you can play both.

Does Kalipso's ability trigger only once per game?

Yes. Kalipso's ability as a one-time shield which protects against the first hit during each game. Whether she takes 1 damage or 6 damage, the shield will absorb it, and then break.

Does Radin's ability trigger when players roll to see who goes first?

Yes. This initial roll to determine the turn order still counts. So if Radin is your champion and you roll a 5 or a 6, each enemy player will take 1 damage. If the dice are rolled again as a tiebreaker, the same principle applies.