Departed Scourge

Departed Scourge
Card Info

Name: Departed Scourge

Type: Encounter

Text: Roll a d6. 1-3: Take 3 damage. If damage is not avoided, attach this card to your champion. As long as it is attached, your champion’s ability is disabled. 4-6: Choose a champion. It takes 3 damage. If damage is not avoided, attach this card to it.

Set: Evernight Vale

Artist: Kyle Herring


Departed Scourge remains attached indefinitely, unless removed by a card such as the Huldra. Even passive abilities such as Vorix's heal are nullified. If a champion is receiving a buff from their champion ability, such as Ulric, that champion will go back to their original toughness as long as the Departed Scourge is attached.

A champion such as Zora, whose ability adds a card to their controlling player's hand at the start of the game, will not be affected by Departed Scourge in quite the same way, since the Departed Scourge only affects the champion, and not the player's hand. Zora's controlling player does not have to get rid of the Healing Potion that was added to their hand at the start of the game, if the Departed Scourge attaches to Zora. They will not be able to use Zora's second ability however, where potions can be discarded to deal damage to others.   

Departed Scourge does not remove buffs or debuffs that were given to a champion by other cards, such as the Ancient One. Departed Scourge only affects the champion's special ability that they start the game with.