Card Info

Name: Zora

Type: Champion

Toughness: 7

Text: At the start of the game, add a Healing Potion to your hand. During your turn, you may discard a potion from your hand. If you do, choose a champion. It takes 2 damage.

Set: Evernight Vale

Artist: Kyle Herring

Rules Clarifications

If you choose to discard a potion from your hand, its ability does not go into effect as well. So you could not use a Healing Potion to heal 5 damage and also deal 2 damage to another champion. Pick one. There is no limit to the amount of potions that can be discarded in this way per turn. A potion is anything with the word "potion" in the name, such as Invisibility Potion or Fortitude Potion.

Other Versions