Invisibility Potion

Invisibility Potion
Card Info

Name: Invisibility Potion

Type: Response

Text: If a champion is about to take damage, you may play this card. That champion takes no damage this turn.

Set: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, Evernight Vale

Artist: Kyle Herring


The last sentence of the card text should read, "That champion takes no damage for the rest of the turn," instead of "That champion takes no damage this turn."


Invisibility Potion is played in response to a champion being targeted for damage. An example would be if a mercenary such as Hired Muscle was played, which would cause a champion to take 3 damage. Invisibility Potion can be used to prevent damage to any champion. It does not have to be your champion. This can be useful during team games.

The potion not only prevents the current damage from being taken, but any other damage for the rest of the turn, meaning the current player's turn. This prevents the current player from playing another mercenary to damage the champion that has just gone invisible. However, the invisibility only lasts until the next player starts their turn. That next player could deal damage to the champion now.