SwashbucklerCard Info

Name: Swashbuckler

Type: Mercenary

Text: Pay 1 treasure. Choose a champion. Roll a d6. Roll bonuses do not apply. 1-3: That champion takes 1 damage. 4-6: That champion takes 2 damage. Roll again. 

Set: Voyage of Peril


Swashbuckler can deal a range of damage depending on what is rolled. Roll bonuses do not apply, so if the player's champion is Avadel, for example, or an Agility Potion was played, there will not be a bonus added to the roll.

The dice rolling is done by the person who played the Swashbuckler card. If a 1-3 is rolled, the player makes no more rolls after that. But if a 4-6 is rolled, the player rolls again to inflict additional damage.

NoteEach strike of 1 damage counts as a seperate damage instance. So if a person decides to play Spirit of Retribution, for example, it will only copy a single instance of 1 damage, rather than the entirety of the damage inflicted by the Swashbuckler.