Primeval Beasts

The Primeval Beasts were archaic animals that spawned during the Primordial Age. They were birthed from the slime left behind by the Primordials after they clashed together.Primeval BeastVegetation was scarce during the Primordial Age, for much of the land was scarred and ruined. And so, many of the Primeval Beasts perished, or began to prey upon one another. The Primordials continued their violence, heedless to the new life which was springing up around them. The Green Warden took pity upon the Primeval Beasts, and with his Eldrin, subdued the Primordials, bringing about the Eldrinic Age. Many of the Primeval Beasts were taken under the care of the Eldrin, and transformed by their magic into new forms.