Primordial Age

The Primordial Age of Tarn was a time of great chaos. Elemental spirits clashed violently with one another, raising mountains, hollowing valleys, and causing the seas to surge violently in mighty tempests. Rivers of fire belched forth and flowed unchecked throughout the earth. And as the elements mixed, many creatures came into being, including the Titanic Beasts, which were great in size and terrible in behold.

The days of the Primordial Age have not been counted, as the Fae, the first chroniclers of history, had not come into being. But at the end of the age, a race of divine beings, called the Eldrin, gathered together in a land which would later be called Vaeheim, and transformed it, through great labor, into a paradise. Then, the Green Warden, whom was the greatest among the Eldrin, created the Fae, to be stewards of this land. Thus, the Primordial Age came to a close, and the Eldrinic Age began.