KringleCard Info

Name: Kringle

Type: Champion

Toughness: 9

Text: At the start of the game, replace your regular Food card with Kringle's Rations. If another champion is about to take damage, you may roll a d6. 1-3: No effect. 5-6: Prevent 1 damage. 

Set: Limited Edition Standalone


You will begin the game by replacing your starting Food card with Kringle's Rations. Not only can this action card heal 3 damage, but it can also be used to discard an attached card, such as Nightmare or Departed Scourge.

Kringle's Rations

Kringle also has an ability that can be activated to potentially prevent 1 damage to another champion. This ability is specifically designed for team games, as Kringle cannot target himself with it. There is no minimum damage that must be taken when this ability is used. So, if 1 damage would be inflicted, but Kringle prevents 1 of it, the amount of damage taken by that champion is zero. This would count as avoiding damage.