Ereus, also known as the Skyfather, was the king of the Avalar, and greatest in power among them. The wife of Ereus is Thespa, and she lives with him in the High Kingdom, above the clouds. 

Ereus resembles a man of great stature, with hair and beard of brilliant gold, and eyes as pale blue as the Aether which stretches above the world. He wields a great spear, which shines with brilliant light. He can summon this weapon at will to hurl at his foes. 

The servants of Ereus are the Valkyries, and they travel far and wide upon their white wings, to deliver messages to mortals, or in rare cases, to protect the faithful from harm.

It was Ereus who slew Maligor in single combat at the Battle of Mal’Gazar, and claimed rulership of Tarn thenceforth. 

Ereus is also the creator of humanity. He enlisted the help of the Magnir, the smith-god, to give humans shape. Then, he breathed his spirit into them, and made them living beings.