Ereus, also known as the Skyfather, is the king of the Avalar, and greatest in power among them. He dwells atop the clouds in mansions of gold at the Crown of Heaven

Ereus resembles a man of great stature, with hair of radiant gold and a beard flecked with grey. His eyes are pale blue, as the Aether which surrounds his heavenly kingdom. Ereus he wields a golden spear, which he can summon at will to hurl at his foes. 


Ereus is the lord of the daylight sky, and is associated with order, courage, honor, and kingly authority. He is worshiped by kings and soldiers. Ereus is said to bring wrath upon those who break oaths, and that he despises weakness, cowardice, and deceit. Ereus has a priestly order which convenes atop Mount Ereus once a year, where it is said that the god himself receives their offerings, and communes with the high priest. 

Ereus is wed to Thespa, and through this union his son Phenaeus, and daughter Myrenna were born. The servants of Ereus are the Valkyries, and they travel far and wide upon their white wings, to deliver messages to mortals, or in rare cases, to protect the faithful from harm. They set out from the Crown of Heaven, and return to it with tidings, so that Ereus knows the comings and goings of mortals and Divines alike. 

It was Ereus who slew Maligor in single combat at the Battle of Mal’Gazar, and claimed rulership of Tarn thenceforth. 

Ereus is also called the Father of Men, for he initiated the creation of Humans. He commanded Magnir to give humans shape. Then, Ereus breathed his spirit into them, and made them living beings. Therefore, Humans have always revered Ereus, and the other Avalar, as their gods.