Maligor the Archfiend was the foremost of the Vorgar Lords whom entered Tarn during the Worldrending. He was unrivaled in strength among his kin, and when the Temple of Mal'Gazar was built, he ruled there as a living god. 

Maligor desired the worship of others above all else, and he enslaved multitudes to serve him by building great monuments in his likeness. He despised disorder, and punished rebellion cruelly. 

Many among the Fae gave themselves willingly to Maligor, in exchange for dark power, and through union with the Archfiend, bore unto him the Ettins, whom were the first offspring of Vorgar and Fae.  

Maligor was slain by Ereus in single combat during the Battle of Mal'Gazar. Then, the other Vorgar were bound in the Lightless Halls, in the Netherworld