Card Info

Name: Djinn

Type: Encounter

Text: Choose one: • Heal all damage from a champion. • Add 2 Gold Coins cards to your hand. • Choose a player. Look at their hand. Take a card of your choice from it. 

Set: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition

Artist: Kyle Herring

Clarifications & FAQ

If you choose to heal all damage from a champion, this means that you can target any champion on the table. This can be useful if you are playing a team game. Remember, damage is stacked on a champion, so when you "heal all damage," this means that you are removing all damage tokens, or (if you are using dice to show accumulated damage) removing the dice from the card.

If you choose to add 2 Gold Coins cards to your hand, take them from the side deck. Do not search the adventure deck for these cards. 

If you choose to take a card of your choice from a player's hand, this does not count as looting. Looting only applies when a champion dies and the player whose turn it is gets to look at their hand for a card to take. So if you are playing with Velga as your champion, her card text will not apply here.