Witch of the Isles

Witch of the IslesCard Info

Name: Witch of the Isles

Type: Encounter

Text: Each player rolls a d6. 1-2: Discard any cards attached to your champion. Your champion becomes a Sheep. Then, discard Witch of the Isles. 3-6: Your champion heals 3 damage.

Set: Voyage of Peril


Group encounters always resolve clockwise, starting with the person who drew the card. If somebody rolls a 1 or a 2, their champion will becomes a Sheep, and then Witch of the Isles will be discarded. This means that anybody who was waiting to face the Witch will no longer have to.

When a champion gets turned into a Sheep, all attached cards (such as Flintlock Pistol) are discarded. Also, any damage that was stacked on that champion remains on that champion. It is not healed. Set that champion to the side, with damage counters still on it. 

When the champion turns into a Sheep, it will be undamaged, with a toughness of 3. The first time the Sheep takes damage, it will change back (if it survives). This means that the Sheep must take 3 damage in a single instance, such as from a Hired Muscle, to be destroyed. Otherwise, it will change back into the original champion. When this happens, the champion retains whatever damage was stacked on it before the transformation. Any damage that was taken while in Sheep form does not transfer over.