Trolls are large, dim-witted and violent creatures that descend from Vorglords. They have distinct features, such as short, drooping ears, long tusks which curve downward and protrude from their mouths, and shaggy hair which extends from the top of their head, and down their back to their buttocks. In most troll breeds, hair is sparse elsewhere on their bodies, though mountain trolls are known to grow a short coat of furlike hair in the colder months, which they shed in the springtime.

Classification: Caenling
Typical Height: 23 kels (13 ft 7 in)
Hair color: Brown, Black
Eye color: Green, Red, Yellow, Brown
Distinctions: Long, downward-facing tusks
Environment: Temperate or cold hills, mountains, swamps, and underground
Population: Uncommon
Lifespan: 112-148 Tarnic years
Troll Size Comparison
Troll Intellect & Moral Nature

Trolls are believed to be the offspring of Thraxeus and his Fae wives during the Godstrife, when the Vorglords rose to power in Tarn. Throughout the millenia, troll-kind has diversified and split off into distinct creatures such as Orcs, Goblins, and Ogres, but there are still many trolls that retain a shape not far from their original form. They are shorter, however, and less cunning, and they do not live as long as their forebears, who could live five centuries or more. Legends tell of trolls standing forty kels from head ro toe, in the days when men first awoke in the world, but by the time of the Dominion Era, it is rare for a troll to exceed twenty-five kels in height.