Card Info

Name: Tom

Type: Champion

Toughness: 7

Text: You begin the game with an extra Food card. Food heals Tom for 4 damage instead of 3.

Set: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition

Artist: Kyle Herring


Tom's text should read, "At the start of the game, add a Food card to your hand. Food heals 4 damage from Tom." This wording is more consistent with other cards and the concept of damage in Dragonvault, which is stacked on a champion and removed by healing. 

Clarifications & FAQ

If Tom is your champion and you playa Food card targeting another champion, it will still remove the usual 3 damage from that champion. It is only when a Food card targets Tom that 4 damage can be removed, instead. This includes if another player with a different champion uses a Food card to heal Tom.