Tom Portrait

In many respects, Tom Wisefinger was a fine example of a respectable halfling. A nobleman from a wealthy and esteemed family, Tom dwelt in the luxurious Wisefinger estate, which had stood in the village of Oakridge for ten generations.

Like many halflings, Tom enjoyed boisterous parties, delectable food, and the comforts of home. But Tom was peculiar in one crucial way. He took great interest in the history of ancient civilizations, and had declared it his life's work to collect artifacts from these eras. Most halflings did not concern themselves with the comings and goings of outsiders, beyond the usual exchange of business with traveling merchants. But Tom was consumed by a desire to learn more about the early histories of both Humans and Fae. 

Tom dreamt of acquiring enough relics to open his own museum in Oakridge, so travelers from far and wide could marvel at the fragments of the past. He had procured a few artifacts in his time, which he proudly displayed on the mantle above his hearth. A gem-studded dagger of early Terethian make, an old battered helm of Geldarian origin, and an ancient stone tablet, upon which was carved a depiction of the Twins, Celedor and Celedwen, were among his most prized possessions.

Tom spent much of his time poring over old books, which he purchased from traveling merchants. And he would often record accounts of his own discoveries in various journals, which were littered about his home. Occasionally, he would set off on brief excursions to the surrounding country, to search for discarded items. The northern lands had a bloody history, and many battles took place here. It was not uncommon to find arms and armor, or jewelry, if one looked hard enough. As much as he was tempted, Tom had never set foot in the old barrows which dotted the countryside across the river. Not only did he have his reputation to consider, but it was also said that these old barrows were haunted by restless spirits. 

Dwarves would pass through Oakridge from time to time, bringing goods from Murzenhall to the west, and one evening, Tom encountered one particular dwarf who claimed to have a map to the greatest treasure hoard in the world. This peculiar fellow was dressed in a heavy cloak, the faint twinkle of his eyes scarcely visible beneath his large gray hood. He spoke in hushed tones, and his eyes darted to and fro, as he unfolded the map in front of the curious halfling. It was covered in faded runes, and crude depictions of mountains and ancient paths, leading to the Forbidden Lands to the southwest. Tom, like every halfling, knew that these haunted lands were once the domain of the Vorgar, many long years ago. And yet, his curiosity was piqued. Could there still be relics from that ancient time, kept in that treasure hoard? The dwarf demanded a hnefty price for the map, but Tom agreed. His desire for adventure welled up within him, so greatly that the talk of vicious dragons guarding the treasure, seemed to go in one ear and out the other. 

He bid the dwarf farewell, and brought the map home. For a few brief moments, he hesitated. Any sensible halfling would not risk life and limb, so far away from home, for any amount of treasure. But then again, Tom was no ordinary halfling. His eyes narrowed with focus as he began to pack his things. Tom had no heirs of his own, so he asked his cousin, Maisy Riverbottom, to look after his things while he was away "on business." He fetched his favorite walking stick, and packed a few fine meals for his journey, and was on his way. 




Tom Card Reveal


Tom has a toughness of 7. If you choose Tom, you will start the game with an extra Food card. Not only that, but Food will heal tom for 4 damage, instead of the usual 3!