SeastriderCard Info

Name: Seastrider

Type: Encounter

Text: Each player rolls a d6. 1-2: Characters you control take 3 damage. Characters that adjacent players control take 1 damage. Roll again. 3-5: Take 2 damage. 6: No effect.

Set: Voyage of Peril


Champions and companions are both considered characters. So, if a 1 or a 2 is rolled, both your champion and any companions you currently have on the table will take 3 damage simultaneously. Also, adjacent players (meaning the player to your right and/or to your left) will be hit as well, though their champions and companions will take 1 damage, rather than 3. Then, roll again.

If a 3-5 is rolled, only your champion will take 2 damage. This is because whenever a card text says "take X damage" the damage is directed to your champion by default, unless you choose for a companion to take it, instead. 

If a 6 is rolled, "No effect" simply means that the encounter ends for you. This does not mean that any damage previously taken by the encounter is undone.