Radin Champion Portrait

Radin is one of the Anazim. His people hailed from across the sea, from a realm called Anazar, in the northeastern reaches of the continent of Sumner. Many of the Anazim fled west to Vaeheim after the collapse of their civilization. 

War and strife had engulfed the lands of Sumner for many long years, and though their numbers had waned, the Anazim were still a proud people. Upon arriving in Vaeheim, and populating the wide steppes east of Harnil, they did not swear fealty to the Emperor, and resisted the lordship of the Grey Dominion. Thus, they were named the Bannerless Men, and many among them roamed the steppes as feared raiders or skilled mercenaries. 

Radin spent much of his youth as a sell-sword. From an early age, he was taught to wield the blade, for the lands which the Anazim now roamed were perilous. To the North was the rocky region of Karnak, where Orcs had settled in great numbers. And to the west were the wastes of Atlaria, peopled by cruel horned monsters called Atlars, whom had also come west from Sumner, centuries before the Anazim. To the south was Glimmervale, which was encircled by tall mountains, and its few passes were guarded by Elves. For the Vale was a sacred place, which had belonged to the Fae since the Eldrinic Age, and they suffered few to pass. 

Radin was adept with his golden scimitar, and few could best him in combat, for like many of his people, he was a skilled horseman, who could fight both mounted, and on foot, with great prowess. Radin won great wealth for himself by the time of his thirtieth winter, but after many bloody years, Radin had grown weary of fighting, and returned home to the Land of the Bannerless Men. He took a wife from among his people, from the village of Eshked, where Kaspar ruled as chieftain. Yesmin she was called. Her eyes were like pools of honey, and her hair was long and dark. And she loved Radin, and was soon after with child.   

But then, the chieftains of the Anazim gathered, and declared that the time was nigh to strike at the Dominion. And Radin was summoned to war. Though he did not wish to leave his wife, he did as Kaspar commanded, and joined with the great host which moved swiftly upon horseback, into the lands of Harnil. The city of Darroc was taken, and much wealth was plundered, and sent back to the Land of the Bannerless Men. 

But the Grey Dominion did not suffer defeat for long, and after many bloody battles, the city of Darroc was retaken, and the Anazim were routed and pushed back into the East. Radin returned home, and there he beheld his daughter for the first time, whom had been born while he was away at war. And he named her Sahar. But not one moon had passed, before Kaspar summoned Radin once again.

The chieftains of the Bannerless Men, proud as they were, only grew in their resolve to strike back at Grey Folk. But this time, emissaries were sent to the Atlarians, those fearsome creatures whom dwelt in the wastes. And a pact was made, so that the two peoples should join as one force to strike at the Dominion. For the Atlarians hated the Dominion, and wished to have their blades reddened by their bitterest foes. It was the men of Toryn Grimhammer and the Grey Folk whom drove the Atlarians into the wastes, seven hundred years ago. And they had not forgotten. 

But Radin was troubled in his heart, and he feared that an alliance with such creatures would be prove ill for for Anazim. He spoke against the chieftain, and many of the Bannerless Men rallied to his side, but Kaspar would not heed their words, and became filled with wrath. Radin, at the order of the chieftain, was exiled thenceforth and sundered from his people. Yasmin became Kaspar's concubine, and the chieftain warned that should Radin ever return to these lands, his daughter Sahar would be put to the sword. 

Radin had no choice but to flee to the wastes, but he swore an oath that one day, he would return, and slay Kaspar, and that he would be reunited with his family again. And so he travelled to many far-off lands, winning renown for himself, so that Radin was both feared and esteemed by many. He won the favor of gods and men, and gathered to himself charms, and amulets imbued with magical power. And he knew that soon, the hour would come for his vengeance...