Lurking Nix

Lurking Nix
Card Info

Name: Lurking Nix

Type: Encounter

Text: Roll a d6. 1-3: Discard a random card. Shuffle Lurking Nix back into the adventure deck. 4-6: Look through the discard pile. You may take a non-encounter card from it..

Set: Evernight Vale

Artist: Kyle Herring


A good way to discard a random card is to shuffle the cards around in your hand, fan them out face-down and have the person to your right or left choose a card. Reveal it and place it face-up in the discard pile.

Any cards taken from the discard pile must be placed in the player's hand. For example, if an Arcane Shield is taken, do not attach it to a champion this turn. Instead, it goes into the player's hand, and can be played at a later time.