JinxCard Info

Name: Jinx

Type: Companion

Toughness: 2

Text: You may begin the game with Jinx as your companion. As long as Jinx is your companion, your opponents get -1 to their dice rolls. At the start of their turn, any player may pay a Food card. If they do, Jinx becomes their companion.

Set: Limited Edition Standalone


Any player may start the game with Jinx as their companion. A player cannot begin the game with more than one Jinx. However, there is no limit to the number of Jinx cards that a player can have at any other point in the game. All players which have not been declared as allies at the start of the game receive this dice roll penalty, including to their initial roll when determining turn order. To pay a Food card means to put a Food card from your hand into the discard pile.