Healing Potion

Healing Potion
Card Info

Name: Healing Potion

Type: Action

Text: heal 5 damage from a champion.

Set: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, Evernight Vale

Artist: Kyle Herring


You may choose to remove damage from any champion, such as an allied champion. Remember that damage is stacked on a champion, and accumulates over time unless healed. Therefore to heal damage "from a champion" means to remove up to that many damage counters from it. Some people use dice to show accumulated damage, while others prefer to use tokens.  


In the Evernight Vale adventure, there is one copy of Healing Potion which begins in the side deck and is added to a player's hand if they choose Zora as their companion. This Healing Potion says "heal 3 damage from a champion." This is a misprint. It should be "heal 5 damage from a champion," just like the other copies of Healing Potion which begin in the adventure deck.