Card Info

Name: Cutler

Type: Champion

Toughness: 8

Text: At the start of your turn, put a charge counter on Cutler. Each time Cutler takes damage, remove all charge counters from him. During your turn, you may remove five charge counters from Cutler. If you do, choose a champion. It takes 2 damage.

Set: Voyage of Peril

A charge counter can be anything you choose. It is simply used to represent how "charged" Cutler's special ability is. I prefer to use a white die (I use red die to track damage, and blue die to track freezing, so really any other color than red or blue will do just fine). There is no limit to the amount of charge counters that can be stacked on Cutler. Just keep in mind that you must remove five at a time in order for him to deal the damage. You could wait until he has ten counters, for example, and do this ability twice in one turn. Also, because the ability says "during your turn" rather than "At the start of your turn," this means that you can do it any time, including during an encounter.