Celaine Portrait

Celaine was born to a noble family in the realm of Arcaneum. Both of her parents were skilled in the magical arts, so naturally, Celaine and her twin brother Marcus shared an aptitude for the arcane. At the age of eighteen, the  twins began their studies at the prestigious Moonspire college. This legendary citadel had stood nearly unchanged since the early years of human history. It was built in the Archaic Era, with the help of the fae and their magic. In those days, the fae were numerous, and amicable dealings with humans were more common.

Celaine was keen with restorative magic, although she was equally comfortable projecting bolts of arcane energy. She excelled in her studies, more so than her brother, who, though impressively accurate with a fireball, had spent more time reveling with his friends and courting various lovers than poring over the ancient scrolls. And so Celaine quickly became the favored twin. To her parents, and to her tutors.

Celaine could win over even the hardest heart, for she was a picture of Arcanean elegance. Her manners were impeccable, and she was precise in her words and deliberate in her actions. By the end of her first year, she could cast spells as proficiently as those in their third of fourth year.

But then, tragedy struck.

Morgana, the dreaded sorceress, attacked Moonspire without warning. Many students and professors fell to Morgana's magic, or to her undead minions, whom she could summon at will. Marcus did not survive the onslaught, and to her horror, Celaine found him amidst the carnage all too late, and his life force had slipped away before she could mend his body.

It was suspected that Morgana sought the Elder Soulstone, a magical artifact that was said to contain the memories of the first archmage. But Morgana did not find it. In fact, it was sealed in a separate plane by one of the Moonspire professors. The Elder Soulstone was safe, and once Morgana realized this, she left Moonspire in a fury, traveling north toward the accursed land of Taurech.

Celaine, overcome with grief and a burning desire for revenge, followed Morgana. She would not stop until the wicked sorceress was brought to justice, and so the two of them arrived at the Dragonvault, and beheld the Temple of Mal'Gazar...