Card Info

Name: Celaine

Type: Champion

Text: At the start of your turn, you may roll a d6. 1-3: No effect. 4-6: Heal 2 damage from a champion.

Set: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition

Artist: Kyle Herring

Clarifications & FAQ

If you choose to use Celaine's ability, you must do so at the start of your turn. This means it must be attempted before you play any cards from your hand. If successful, Celaine can heal 2 damage from herself, or from another champion, which can be very useful during team games. In Dragonvault, damage is stacked on a champion, and then removed when healed. This is why the wording "from a champion" is used, and also because she can target any champion, not just herself. 

For example, let's say that Celaine, who has 7 toughness, had only 1 damage on her, and then her healing ability was successfully activated. A champion cannot heal beyond their toughness, so even though Celaine's ability heals 2 damage, only 1 damage would be removed, since it is impossible to remove more damage than what is currently stacked on a champion. 

Some players find it easier to use a different method for calculating damage. Instead of stacking damage on a champion, they start with a d8 (or another die) at the number of the champion's current toughness, then as they take damage, the number goes down from there. This method is widely used, just be sure to remember that a champion cannot go higher than their toughness, unless it is boosted by a card, such as Ancient One.