Azferon is one of the Vorgar Lords. In his fair form, he resembles a tall man, handsome in face, with black hair and bright red eyes. But in his wrath, he has been known to take the shape of a monstrous bat.

Azferon had countless wives in Witherdark, and these were the Succubi, and many of them followed him into Tarn, during the Worldrending. Azferon also took some among the Fae as mates, during the reign of the Vorgar in Taurech. Their offspring were the Vampires, a race cursed with an unquenchable thirst for blood.

Azferon was bound in chains after the Battle of Mal’Gazar, and was held in judgment in the Lightless Halls, in the Netherworld, deep beneath the earth. He remains there to this day.