Zeddoc the Soulburner is a Vorgar Lord. He is associated with fire, destruction, rebellion, violent revolution, and chaos. He assumed the form of a great, red demon, wreathed in flame.

Zeddoc is the younger brother of Maligor the Archfiend. He burned with anger when Maligor ascended in Al'Kazael to king of the Vorgar. And so, Zeddoc led a rebellion against him, which became known as the Vorgar Wars. Zeddoc was eventually subdued. When the Vorgar Lords entered Tarn, Zeddoc was allowed to follow, but he was barred from taking Fae mates by Maligor, as punishment for his rebellion.  

Zeddoc despised weakness, imperfection, and desires to purge the world of all life to feed the flames of his burning anger. His realm in Al'Kazael is filled with fiery pits and molten rivers. Blackened towers pierce the ash-choked sky. Zeddoc resides in the Netherworld of Tarn, bound in the Lightless Halls