We have been connected with a new printing company!

We just discovered a fantastic printing company, and are moving things along, as quickly as possible with this new potential long-term partnership. We want our cards to be as high-quality and consistent as possible, and we believe this company will be the right fit for us. Due to COVID-19, the process has been delayed, but rest assured, we will deliver your game as quickly as humanly possible!

Thank you so much for having faith in us, as we navigate this challenging year. We take pride in being as transparent as possible with the people who have supported us, since the beginning of our journey. We are doing everything we can to ensure that your product looks the best that it possibly can!

All pre-ordered copies will be signed by the Dragonvault creator! So secure your copy today. These signed first-edition Dragonvault copies are likely to explode in value in the coming years!