Vorgar Lords

The Vorgar Lords are a race of Divines originating from the world of Al'Kazael, where they ruled over lesser Vorgar spirits, as well as other creatures native to their world. 

Maligor the Archfiend

Greatest among the Vorgar Lords was Maligor the Archfiend, and during the Worldrending, he led eight other Lords into Tarn. Their names were Thraxeus, Draegor, Zeddoc, Aramak, Surakel, Shulgorog, Nymenezar, and Azferon.

The realm of Taurech, in western Vuldaria, became the seat of power of the Vorgar Lords, and a vast temple was constructed to worship Maligor and his kin as living gods. It was called Mal'Gazar, but would later be known as the Dragonvault.

During their reign which lasted nearly three centuries, the Vorgar Lords took consorts from among the Fae and sired many creatures, including the Ettins, Trolls and Dragons.

Maligor was slain by Ereus in the Battle of Mal'Gazar, and the remaining Vorgar Lords were bound in chains in the Lightless Halls of the Netherworld, where they remain to this day.