Twilight Elf

The Twilight Elves, also known as the High Elves, were the most fair and skilled of all the Fae. Their eyes were stern and grey, and their hair was raven. Unrivaled was their mastery of magic, and of the carving of runes, and the crafting of bejeweled rings and amulets. They loved most the light of the stars and moon, and seldom did they venture forth beneath the sun.

Terethia was their realm in the East of Vaeheim, and in later years, when the children of Ereus awoke in the world, they built also the great tower of Cenvedir, the Moonspire. But despite their early friendship with mortals, the Twilight Elves were the first to wield the sword against them, led by Peleor Greymantle, King of Terethia. And thus, the Elven Wars began, in the late Archaic Era, which ended in the ruin of Terethia, and the exile of the Twilights Elves to the Isle of Eradel.