The World of Tarn

Map of Tarn's Overworld

Tarn is one of many worlds which drift in the Cosmic Sea. Seven major continents are known, but there may be more that have yet to be discovered.

Norwyn is where humans first awoke. Its northernmost reaches are encased in perpetual ice. But its southern shores have brief but pleasant summers. The Nordfolk dwell here, as they have since the Dawn Era, when humans were given form in the Halls of Magnir.

To the south of Norwyn, across the sea, lies the continent of Vaedar. This is where the Green Warden is said to have first begun his work of creation. And it was here that the Fae awakened, long before humans. But in later years, humans would gain dominion of the continent, and most Fae settlements would be pushed to the fringes of civilization. The most prominent settlement of Fae is on the island of Eradel.

Sumner lies south of Vaedar. Vast seas of sand stretch across much of its northern and eastern territories. To the west, the climate becomes more hospitable. Great mountains split the continent of Sumner, and south of these rocky crags are wetter lands with dense forest. The island of Arden, located off the northwestern coast of Sumner, is said to be a paradise. During the wars with the humans during the Archaic Era, many Fae traveled here.  

To the west, across a small cluster of islands, is the continent of Zai. Not much is known of this land. It is said to be almost entirely covered in dark, impenetrable jungle. To the south of Zai is the island of Ysuna, but this land is equally shrouded in mystery.

North of Zai is the continent of Lokara. The southern reaches of this land resemble Zai in climate, but the further north one travels, the more temperate it becomes. The people here have sophisticated civilizations, with a rich and well-documented history. Trade between Lokara and Vaedar has become commonplace by the Dominion Era.