The Story of Dragonvault: Evernight Vale

The land of Nordreach has is sundered from Vaeheim by a narrow, black sea. Here, summers are brief, and winters are long and dark, and the creatures that dwell in these lands are as tough and unforgiving as the climate.

It is said that humans first awoke in Norwyn, for they were given shape by the smith-god Magnir, and life was breathed into them by Ereus, whom was king of all the gods. In the current time, known as the Dominion Era, two mighty kingdoms keep watch against the monsters that haunt the wild. Nordreach lies to the west, and Geldar to the east.

To the North of these kingdoms is an untamed wilderness, where gods and demons walk unhindered through the snow-laden forests, and great mountains stretch mightily against the pale sky. In this dangerous land lies a place whose name has long since been forgotten. It was once a paradise, ruled over by Torvir, the god of storms. But Torvir was gone for many long years, for he had sworn to rid the earth of his mortal enemies, the frost ettins. And they had encroached upon his kingdom from the edges of the world.

In the years of his absence, Torvir's daughter Ivenna, and his son Erenor, began to lust for the throne. Before long they turned upon one another, waging war for their father's kingdom. Ivenna, whom called herself the Winter Queen, possessed the power to command the snow and ice, and and she was impervious to cold. Her younger brother Erenor, whom took the name of the Twilight Lord, could summon darkness, and could create a shadow which was more than the absence of light, but a thing of its own.

In the violence that followed, the land was became shrouded in perpetual winter night, and thus is became known as the Evernight Vale. Few humans dwelt here, for the sun did not shine for decades, save for the parts of the forest which belonged to the huldras.

But Erenor and Ivenna did not know of Karthrax, the King of Wyrms, whom slumbered beneath the mountains. He had flown north millennia ago, after the battle of Mal'Gazar. And thus he had hidden deep within the earth from the gods whom had waylaid him ages past. He fed upon all manner of life, both above and below the earth, until he grew large enough to prey on gods. Though it had been many years since his last hunt. But he was awoken suddenly by the great violence which had consumed Evernight Vale. 

Karthrax in his anger laid waste to much of the forest, and devoured countless soldiers, filling his stomach for the first time in two hundred years. He devastated the armies of both the Winter Queen and the Twilight Lord. Though in their blind hatred, they still would not unite against him. And so, they fought in vain, both with each other, and with the King of Wryms.

Word spread across the land of the dragon's awakening, and brave adventurers travelled north to seek the lair of the beast. They hoped to claim its priceless treasure while the dragon was away.  

The dragon seemed to have gained the upper hand, and the children of Torvir despaired. But then, the master of storms returned to his ancient kingdom unexpectedly. And in a flash of lightning, and the roar of thunder, Torvir fought the King of Wryms in a titanic battle which will be sung about until the end of days.

Vanquishing Karthrax, Torvir then returned to his throne, and his children dared not face him. They were hunted down and bound in great chains, beneath the halls of the storm god, to await their judgment at the hands of Ereus, the king of the gods. And on the following morning, the sun returned once again the land.