The Story of Dragonvault

Dragonvault Champions

Long ago, during the Godstrife Era, the gods were at war. The Green Warden, master of creation, and the rest of his elemental kin called the Eldrin, were locked in a bloody feud with another race of gods whom had awakened in the world of Tahrn. This second race of gods were called the Avalar, and they were led by Ereus, whom had his own vision for the world. For hundreds of years, these titanic forces clashed, marring much of creation, in their battle for dominion over our world. But things would only get worse.

A third tribe of gods appeared, from another plane entirely. Their world, called Al-Kazael, had collided with Tahrn by chance, whilst it drifted in the Cosmic Sea. This cataclysmic event was called the Worldrending, and as the seas boiled, and stars fell from the sky, the Vorgar Lords entered through a bleeding rift between the two worlds. 

The Vorgar, led by Maligor the Archfiend, were utterly cruel in nature. With their demonic legions, they established themselves as the new rulers of Tahrn, challenging the authority of both the Eldrin and the Avalar. In those days, humans had not yet awakened in the world, but the Vorgar lured many of the fae into their service. A great temple was constructed at their behest. It was called Mal'Gazar, and was built in the realm of Taurech, in the western reaches of the continent of Vaedar. 

In Mal'Gazar, dark rituals were performed, and through the union of Vorgar and the creatures of this world, new races of monsters came into being. The dragons were among the first of the dark spawn of the Vorgar, birthed from the union of Draegor the mighty, and the titanic beasts which had roamed the earth since the Primordial Era. Thraxeus, whom has been named the Lord of Violence, fathered the trollfolk, such as the goblins and orcs, which were birthed through his union with elves, sprites, and other fae.

Chaos and lawlessness enveloped Tahrn, and the threat of the Vorgar and their wretched spawn was so great that the Eldrin and the Avalar were compelled to join forces against them. They sealed the pact through intermarriage, and ceased all hostilities between each other. A great army of fae, who had not been lured to evil deeds, then rallied to their sides and stormed the temple of Mal'Gazar.

In the battle which followed, Maligor was slain by Ereus in single combat, and his Vorgar servants were routed back into the plane of Al-Kazael, through a portal which was summoned by Thespa, the wife of Ereus. And the Vorgar were finally banished from Tahrn.

The gods left much of Taurech in ruins, and what remained of the temple was abandoned. The trollfolk fled to the dark corners of the world. Many of the dragons were destroyed, but some lived on, fleeing to remote places, or underground. Thousands of years passed, and a new age began, when Ereus oversaw the creation of humanity.

Though humans were valiant, driving monsters from their lands, the spawn of the Vorgar slowly multiplied outside the borders of civilization, and in time, they were drawn back to Mal'Gazar. The dragons began using the temple as a treasure-hoard, adding new artifacts and innumerable priceless gems to the accursed place. The trollfolk were drawn to the temple, too, for they sensed the energy of their dark masters, which still permeated the black stone.

It was then that adventurers came from all corners of the world to brave this untold danger, and to win glory and riches for themselves. They were eight in number. And each of them sought to test their mettle... in the Dragonvault.