Shulgorog the Devourer, also known as Shul-Gora, was one of the Vorgar Lords whom invaded Tarn during the Worldrending. Shulgorog is the embodiment of wicked indulgence. He is associated with gluttony, unbridled desire, sloth, and impulsivity. He has a never-ending hunger for all manner of creatures, man or beast, and is even known to consume stone, wood, and metal if his appetites are not sated.

Shulgorog resembles a huge, bloated demon, hideous and slime-covered, with a giant, toothy maw and a long, slavering tongue. In the Vorgar Wars, Shulgorog allied with Zeddoc the Soulburner against Maligor the Archfiend, but was later subdued. 

In Al'Kazael, Shulgorog's realm was a bubbling, frothing wasteland, stripped of all beauty. He resided now in the Netherworld of Tarn, bound in the Lightless Halls.  



This dreadful spirit had an insatiable appetite.