Here you can find various articles on the people, places and things in the world of Tarn, the setting of Dragonvault. Bear in mind that this is an ongoing project and that the lore here will be expanded. It may also be altered at the discretion of the author.

Important Articles: Battle of Mal'Gazar, Dragonvault, Ereus, Faeheim, Green Warden, Maligor the Archfiend, Worldrending

Tarn Overworld

Table of Contents

Champions: AstridAvadel, Bori, Celaine, Kalipso, Matthias, Morgana, Priscilla, Radin, Tom, Ulric, Velga, Vorix, Wulfgar, Yari, Zora  

Divines: Aramak, AzferonCirion, Draegor, Ereus, God Before GodsGreen Warden, Grôm, Lysova, Magnir, Maligor, Nymenezar, Old Tom FullerRaegos, Shulgorog, Surakel, Thespa, Thraxeus, Torvir, Zeddoc 

Events: Battle of Mal'Gazar, Worldrending  

Monsters: Dragon, Drake, Ettin, Fell Serpent, Fell SpiderGoblin, Ogre, Orc, Troll, Yorok     

Pantheons: Avalar, Eldrin, Vorgar Lords

Places: Aether, Al'Kazael, Antaria, Circle of Reprieve, Cosmic Sea, Crown of Heaven, Dead Court, Djinnheim, Faeheim, Firmament, Geldaria, Inner Seas, Lokaria, Netherworld, Overworld, Outer Sea, Sumneria, Tarn, Terethia, Twin Hells, Underworld, Vizunia, Zentaria   

Races: Aronti, Dryad, Dwarf, Elf, Faerie, Gnome, Halflings, Huldra, Human, Nix, Kisva, Sprite  

Timeline: Primordial Age, Eldrinic Age, Avalarian Age