Much of events in the Dragonvault story take place in Faeheim, a realm in Tarn.

It was here, in a time long before recorded history, that the Green Warden, mightiest of the Eldrin Spirits, began the labor of creation. His children were the Fae, and to them he gave stewardship over the land, which was called Faeheim.   

Tarn is one of many worlds which drift endlessly in the Cosmic Sea. Another such world, called Witherdark, collided with Tarn in a cataclysmic event known as the Worldrending. It was during this time that the Vorgar Lords entered Tarn through a bleeding rift in the sky.

These Lords were strong in body and will and possessed sorcerous power which was unmatches by the other divines in Tarn. The greatest of their strongholds was Mal'Gazar, and their leader Maligor reigned there for one thousand years.

In this time, the Vorgar Lords wed the daughters of Old Terethia, mightiest of elven kingdoms in Faeheim, and through their corrupted wombs monsters of every kind were brought forth. And the earth was filled with violence, so that even the trees and the flowers, and the beasts of the earth and sky, and every living thing cried out for deliverance.

The Green Warden, and his kin, the Eldrin Spirits, had been warring with their longtime foes, the Evelar, whom were most skilled in the shaping of tools and instruments of war. And these two divine races made a pact, sealed by intermarriage, and swore that they would rid the earth of the corruption of the Vorgar Lords. They beseieged Mal'Gazar in the bloodiest battle that has ever been fought on Tarn.

Maligor, foremost of the Vorgar Lords, was slain in battle by Ereus, king of the Evelar, and the remaining Vorgar were bound for all time in the Lightless Halls, which lay as far beneath the deepest caverns of the earth as the crown of heaven stretches above the peaks of the tallest mountains.

Ereus then took up rulership as the God of Gods, and the heavens became his domain. The Green Warden was overcome with a great weariness and went to slumber in a hidden glade in Wardenvale, never to be seen by the eyes of men. For men, as we know them now, had not yet come into being.

It was not until Ereus, looking upon the Fae which still dwelt upon the earth, commanded his brother Magnir to forge a people of his own out of fire and stone. And a woman was made also. And both were given the breath of life by Ereus, foremost of the gods. And as their nostrils filled with the divine wind, of which all souls are made, their body of stone became flesh, and bone and sinew. And they became living beings.

Sturdy were the men of the ancient days. And no men like them have since come to be. The First Fathers had eyes of steel, and their hair was black as coal. They were tall, and stern of face. And their beauty nearly rivaled that of the Fae, whom still were numerous in those times. 

From the First Fathers, whom first awakened in Nordreach, a great host went south, at the behest of the gods. For they were Ereus' people, and were to be given the fertile lands near Mount Ereus, where the god himself rules. But some chose to stay behind, and became the Nordfolk, whom later had hair of flaxen gold, and eyes like a pale winter morning. From the First Fathers also came the Antarion people whom were the first to cross the seas to Sumner, and from which all Sumneric people descend.

In the earliest times of human history, relations with the Fae were peaceable. But as the centuries passed, hostilities between the two races became more common, and eventually, the Fae were pushed to the fringes of civilization.


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