Godstrife Era

The Godstrife Era was the final era of the Eldrinic Age of Tarn. During this time, the Avalar warred with the Eldrin for dominion over the world. Then, the Worldrending occurred, and the Vorgar entered Tarn. The Vorgar set up their stronghold in west, called Mal'Gazar, and the heath surrounding this fell temple was thenceforth known as Taurech, or the Forbidden Land.

The Eldrin and the Avalar eventually made a pact of peace with one another, and besieged Mal'Gazar. The great battle ended with the death of Maligor, at the hands of King Ereus of the Avalar. The remaining Vorgar were imprisoned within the Netherworld, deep in the heart of the earth, and many of their foul spawn were slain, although some fled into dark places and remained in hiding. The Green Warden went into a deep slumber, and the Eldrin dispersed. Ereus took up rulership of Tarn, and thus, the Godstrife Era, and the Eldrinic Age, came to a close.