Dragons are the offspring of Draegor and his Fae consorts. These large reptiles have wings capable of flight, and some have breath weapons, such as fire, frost, or poison. From the Dragons also came the Drakes and the Fell Serpents.

Black Dragon

The initial brood of Dragons, known as the Elder Dragons, possessed the power to take a Faelike form at will. Greatest among the Elder Dragons was Gorgothrax the Terrible, and his twin brother Karthrax, who was later known as the King of Wyrms. 

When Maligor was defeated at the Battle of Mal'Gazar, the Dragons fled to remote parts of the world. They slowly degenerated over time, so that by the time of the Dominion Era, most dragons were no longer able to shapeshift, and the majority of them had lost the power of speech. These later Dragons have been observed to live several hundred years before succumbing to old age or disease. But there are Elder Dragons still alive in the Dominon Era, suggesting that the first brood of Dragons may have been immortal.