A cretin is a small, bipedal monster that dwells in dense, remote woodlands. It preys upon a variety of woodland creatures, but has been known to seek out faeries in particular, earning it the colloquial name "faerie-eater."


Classification: Monster
Known Variants: None
Typical Height: 6 kels (3'10" / 1.17m)
Hair color: Dark brown, black
Eye color: Pale white
Distinctions: Large, pale eyes
Environment: Temperate forests
Population: Uncommon
Lifespan: Unknown
Cretin Size Comparison

Cretin Sentience

A cretin is covered from head to toe in shaggy fur, which comes to a salient point above its head. Its large, pale eyes glow with a sinister red sheen, and are extraordinarily sensitive. Cretins have keen vision at night, but cannot abide direct sunlight, so they tend to stay underground in burrows and tunnels until the sun sets. They are, however, attracted to the subtle glow of faeries and wisps. And so, cretins can usually be found near irdwells. They are not numerous, however, as they are typically slain on sight when encountered by larger fae, such as wild elves.

Cretins are ravenous creatures that seem to be driven by base instincts. They are bullies by nature, and enjoy terrorizing smaller creatures which suggest a darker nature. The origin of the cretin is enigmatic. It is unclear whether these creatures  are native to Tarn, or emerged sometime after the Worldrending.