Battle of Mal'Gazar

The Battle of Mal'Gazar was the final battle in the war against the Vorgar Lords. In their desperation, the Eldrin and the Avalar besieged the stronghold of Mal'Gazar, in the land of Taurech.

Defending the haunted spires were the Vorgar Lords, led by Maligor the Archfiend, along with many Dragons, and a great host of Trollfolk, Vampires, and Fae whom had joined in their cause. Against the forces of Maligor, the armies of Avalar advanced, led by Ereus, astride the Green Warden and his Eldrin, and a host of spirits both great and small, as well as legions of Fae whose hearts had not been lured into service to the Vorgar.

Many fell in the carnage that followed, until Ereus, wielding his mighty spear, felled the Archfiend in single combat, piercing his heart. The great cry of Maligor rang throughout the earth, and the sound was so terrible, that all of the gods quailed, save for Ereus whose stern eyes shone like the rays of the sun. The Vorgar fled, their wills broken, and they were pursued by Ereus and the Avalar, whom bound them in magic chains, that Grôm had wrought. And the Lords were dragged headlong into the deepest pits, near the Roots of the Earth, into the Netherworld, and in the Lightless Halls they remain to this day in eternal judgment. 

The fell creatures of Mal'Gazar then fled to dark places, and the land of Taurech was thenceforth called the Forbidden Land, for Ereus put a curse on it, that whoever should dwell there would never be welcomed at the Crown of Heaven. And Ereus became the ruler of Tarn, above any god or mortal. The Green Warden, his strength spent at last, went into a deep slumber in a secret grove, guarded by the Wild Elves, and the rest of the Eldrin dispersed throughout Tarn, to dwell in deep forests or atop great mountains. Thus ended the Battle of Mal'Gazar, and the Eldrinic Age, and the Avalarian Age of Tarn began.