The Atlar are a race of cruel, horned monsters which originated in the harsh deserts of central Sumner. Their skin is the color of ash, and their eyes are like burning coals. Great horns sprout from their heads, the shape of which can vary between tribes.

The Atlar revel in violence and chaos, and they often prey upon humans for sport. From whence they came is a mystery, but some believe that they descend from evil spirits of the desert which were given shape by the Djinns to terrorize those who were unfaithful to them.

The Atlar are fond of the taste of blood, and wield crude maces and war clubs in their clawed hands as their favored weapons. They adorn themselves with the skins of beasts, and the bones of their prey.

During the fall of the Delvarian Empire, the Atlar moved northwards, and eventually crossed the sea, arriving on Vaeheim to plunder the ruins, and to terrorize the remaining population. They dwelt in these ruins until the Grey Folk came south and drove them into the wastes, which were thenceforth known as Atlaria.