Astrid is Human woman from Nordreach. She is a playable champion in Dragonvault: Evernight Vale.  


Character Info

BORN 36th of First Bloom, GE 1184
SUBRACE Faeheimer
Nordreach, Geldaria
HAIR Blonde
HEIGHT 9.7 kels (5'10")
SEX Female

Astrid was born in the year 1184 of the Golden Era in Grimstone, a village in the realm of Nordreach in Geldaria. Both of her parents were military veterans, and Astrid was trained with a blade after her tenth winter. 

In GE 1206, a frost ettin attacked Grimstone without warning. Many villagers met violent deaths before the creature was confronted by Astrid,  now seventeen winters of age. As she approached the ettin, she invoked Torvir Stormhammer, and a storm appeared overhead. A lightning bolt struck her outstretched blade, and it began to glow blue. It began to arc with living sparks, which burned the cold flesh of the ettin. 

After a heroic fight, Astrid was victorous against the ettin. As she struck it down, it fell against a wooden chapel of the God Before Gods, which had been built the preceding year. The villagers took this as a sign, and returned to the worship of Torvir Stormhammer immediately afterward. Astrid also dedicated herself to the god in a public ceremony.