Aronti are a sentient lizard-like species native to Pharador, a dark swampy region in western Vaedar. They stand a head taller than most humans  approximately 9 kels  and have tough, scaly hide which most commonly ranges in color from a vibrant green to a dull brown. In rare cases, however, their hide can be blood red or black as coal. Their bright eyes glimmer in the dark, and like their hides, have a wide variation in color.

Aronti have a shamanistic culture which centers around ancestor worship, although some tribes have explored dark magic, such as conjuration and necromancy. They have no written language, but pass their traditions on orally, from shaman to shaman. Shamans often have a close relationship to the chieftain, advising in all matters, including war. 

Aronti are known for their resilience. They have the ability to regenerate limbs and appendages, and they speed this process along with their advanced knowledge of herbal healing, and regenerative magic. 

Aronti are known to have bloody feuds between tribes. They are slow to forget the wrongdoings of others, often enacting vengeance upon the living, for the misdeeds of the dead. Because of this bitter cycle of warfare, the Aronti have dwindled in numbers. Aronti are fond of warclubs, which are often adorned with spikes, but they also have a deadly aim with spears, which they coat with paralyzing poison. 

Aronti are also known to tame beasts, for use in war. The creatures which dwell in Pharador are ancient, and not found anywhere else on the mainland. One such beast is the Krulsa, or "razorfoot," as they have been named in the common tongue. These bipedal reptiles stand as tall as a warhorse, with fang-filled maws, long arms which end in three-clawed hands, and a long, curved claw on each foot, which earned them their names. It is said that few can withstand a mounted charge from Aronti riders atop their Krulsa steeds.    

The origins of the Aronti are not known. Most humans are scarcely aware of their existence, for these creatures are seldom sighted outside of their homeland. The elves of Wardendale do not venture south, into Aronti territory, and the denizens of Pharador do not wander north, either. whether this is due to  animosity between the races, or to some ancient pact, predating human memory, is a mystery.