Second Edition Updates

We sold out of our first batch of Dragonvault decks. We have another much larger order on the way, and these will be Second Edition. We have made some improvements to the cards after receiving feedback from our community. The changes are as follows:

  • An arrowhead icon has been added next to the name of each card that belongs in the adventure deck. This makes setup time much faster. Simply separate the cards, shuffle them, and you're ready to play!
  • The copyright date has been updated, and a small shadow which previously existed beneath it has been removed.
  • The cards are slightly thinner and more flexible. This was done to make shuffling easier, especially with larger adventure decks which will become more common once people start making custom decksor double-stacking decksas the subsequent adventures roll out. Also, these thinner cards will fit more easily into third-party deck boxes if sleeved.
  • The box has been redesigned with a UPC code to make it easier for local game stores to carry the item. The back of the box has been redesigned and now features the phoenix.

First Edition & Second Edition Comparison


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