Dragonvault Officially Released + Expansion News

We have now received our first shipment and have been sending out all of the pre-orders. Thanks again for being so patient! We will no longer be signing and numbering copies of the game, as this was a limited offer for pre-orders only.

I also have begun working with our artist, Kyle Herring, to produce an expansion to the game that we are planning to release in fall 2021. This will be an all-new adventure, and the cards will be fully compatible with the original Dragonvault set, so you can mix and match and make custom adventure decks! I will release the name of the expansion in time.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this game! I'd love to hear any feedback that you have, so feel free to send an email to dragonvaultgame@gmail.com 


  • Played the original. Please email me when expansion is done. We love the game.

    Paul M Bosack
  • Just got my copy, i’m order number 368 and i can’t wait to play it with my friends and watch this game grow into something big.

    Neo Nystrom

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